Team Leader Portal

Welcome to the Team Leader Portal!

On this page, you'll find downloadable materials to facilitate your house meeting, as well as some helpful links. 

The House Meeting Script:
This is the version of the house meeting script for you--the facilitator.

The Abbreviated House Meeting Agenda:
This is the abbreviated agenda you can share with your timekeeper
(and with participants if you so choose).

Zoom FAQs:
Click here for a link to a guide on how to access a Zoom meeting through any device.

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Questions? Contact your organizer

or email

Form:
Click here for a link
to a sign-in form for
your participants.
Please make sure
they all fill it out
during your house meeting.
Notetaker Form:
Click here
for a link to a form
where your notetaker
should upload all of your
participants' responses.
Virtual Invitation:
Download a virtual invitation
graphic you can email or text
to your participants, put in
congregational bulletins, etc.
Click here

Online Stopwatch:
Click Here For a link to a free online stopwatch tool your timekeeper can use.